Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 1 progress

So today is the start of a new week. I have lost 4.8 pounds so far. I feel kind of embarrassed because I only worked out twice this week. I also had some junk food, here is a list of what it was for the whole week:

  • Two small bags of chips
  • A handful of M&Ms
  • One serving of chocolate chip ice cream
  • Five chocolate coins
  • Two cans of soda

I did make sure that I did not overeat, I did not even once feel that I was really full.This was a very easy week and I am sure that most of the weight loss was water weight. Let's see what week two brings, I think three pounds for week two is a realistic goal.


  1. When you say "really full", do you mean that in a good way or a bad way? I want to be full when I finish eating but not overly full.

  2. I mean I didn't feel like I had to go lie on the couch because I ate so much I had to give my body 30 minutes to try to digest all that food I just consumed